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Helpful Tips

Experts at keeping a major appliance running well and looking good, Astro Appliance Sales & Service would like to offer our Web site visitors some tips to keep your machines running for the long haul!

Tip 1:
For dryers, remove lint after every load, and keep the vent clear. This not only keeps the machine running at peak efficiency, but prevents fire as well.

Tip 2:
Washing machines should never be overloaded. Clothes aren't coming clean if there is no room for them to agitate. Overloading, and doing load after load without rest, are the fastest ways to destroy your washer's motor, agitator and bearings.

Tip 3:
Remove your refrigerator's kickplate and vacuum behind it, and underneath the machine. Also, vacuum the coils at the back of your refrigerator.

Tip 4:
Vacuum behind all your appliances occasionally, especially the washer and dryer, where lint collects quickly. Your appliances will work more efficiently and you will avoid a fire hazard.

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